Driftwood Animal Collection

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We got driftwood animal collection e.g. giraffes, cows, horses and any other animal. One of them shown as above and coming in real size as live animal. What to order one?

Old Teak Fruit Plate with Grass Motive Tin Inlay

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This fruit plate is natural shapes of old teak wood, we touch it with grass motive of tin inlay as seen in this picture. A new development to the existing similar item. Finished with pure oil by Rubio Monocoat. So do you like it? please vote on this item. Also ready for order.

New Development Planks Made of laminated Teak Wood

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As seen on picture, this is our new development in planks which we called "surf" can be applied for furniture for sure. Do you like it?

Wall Mounted Driftwood Lighting Series

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Natural shape driftwood lighting series mounted on the wall, available in small, medium and large size.

Another Dritwood Lighting Stand

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As always...beautiful stuffs on every materials we touched! Driftwood Lighting Series.

Goat 'Real' Leather Round Stool

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Inspire by goat leather and applied on stools as posted earlier.

This is recent picture of our replanting trees project a few days ago. This land it used to be empty and home of high grasses. Then we bought this land and start our replanting project. The land are as large as 3 (three) hectare acres located in Blora, Central Java - Indonesia. Not only cutting, we do replanting.

Another Beautiful Driftwood Lamp Series

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An exceptional lighting series, created on driftwood and energy-saver LEDs light. Do you consider live in greener environment? if so, you should have Treecycled Furniture products! :-)

Welcome to The Jungle Series!

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As posted earlier, we inspired by the animal skin. Are you interested?

We are "World of Stools" Part ll

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As we told you before, we are stools maker! we got many style in stools, 3 of these are in animal theme. The zebra round stool is leather-imitation but the rest 2 round stools are 'real' goat leather and the square one is perfect for any garden. Do you want one?

Limited Quantity Item : Reclaimed Old Teak Bench

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This bench is rare and exclusive piece of furniture as doesn't available anytime customer order.
A reclaimed old teak wood should be gathered first and we got it from deconstruction of old barns, homes and other building.

Teak Root Ball with Tin Casting

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Natural shapes with eroded holes by nature makes this teak root ball an exceptional home decor for you. Then we cover the holes with tin casting best looks on natural finish as above picture.

Strippenteak Cubes Racks with LEDs Light

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This racks is in laminated teak wood or we called "Strippenteak" and we add LEDs light on it as seen on picture. Available in any size and finishing color.

New Christal Stool : Now with LEDs Light!

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One of our best selling stool, Christal stool now come up with LEDs light. Available in limited quantity. Do you like it?

Boomerang Table in Rose Wood

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Beautiful table in rose wood. All handcrafted made and finish in natural oil by Rubio Monocoat. What do you think?

Teak Root Ball with LEDs Light

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This is another home decor made of teak root. Fill in the eroded holes with sandblasted resin and put LEDs light inside it. What do you think?

Larger Driftwood Lighting Sculpture Series

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We love making lighting series on driftwood. This is the new one with larger size about 100 cm high on iron chromed stand. The LEDs light would be 'on' up to 10,000 hours.

We are "World of Stools"

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The subject above meaning that we are the stool makers! yes indeed and we got so many stool style to be mentioned here. Above two stools are a new one and for sure we will posting more stools here. Keep on visiting!

Driftwood Tin Wall Mounted Home Decor Accessories

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A driftwood with tin inlay as accent have become a unique home decor. Wall mounted and beautify any rooms. Give you an old and modern looks at the same time.

Laminated Teak Round Edges Cubes of Racks

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We create these round edges cubes for racks, room dividers or so. Connectors also available upon request. Sell as single piece not as a set. Made of laminated teak wood gathered from furniture production-shortcuts. It's eco-friendly products and finished in non-toxic and free of VOCs finishing Rubio Monocoat.

Natural Shape Old Teak Root Stool

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Single-piece stool made of old teak root. Beautiful in natural finish and natural shapes. Eroded holes by nature.

Home Decor item: Driftwood Big Ball Teak

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This driftwood big ball has 2 dimensions and available in 70 cm and 90 cm. Made of driftwood teak. Which one is yours?

Single-piece Tree Top Coffee Table

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A tree top coffee table in solid piece of teak old wood including the legs. Natural finish in Rubio Monocoat's color. What do you think?

We have furniture collection called "Flexo Series" this is a laminated board of teak or rosewood which you can bend wherever you want. Available in chair, table and room divider.

Limited Edition Series: Tooth Stool with 12 Zodiac Signs

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As we told you before on Twitter we got limited edition of stool series. Yup, a tooth stool with 12 different zodiac signs. Only 12 pieces and now already in our Netherlands' showroom ready for selling. Please contact Pos Modern B.V. for retail price. This stool is made of single-piece of old teak root.

Another limited edition would be coming is Sushi stool with 12 zodiac signs as well.
Produced 60 pieces only! book now if you don't want miss this special edition stool by Treecycled Furniture. The old teak wood is the main material as usual. Available in natural finish by Rubio Monocoat.

Driftwood Wall Mounted Mirror

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We got driftwood mirrors in any shape, oval, round and square.
Do you interested? Come on...contact us for pricing! small order quantity by LCL is welcome!

Wall Mounted Driftwood Lighting

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This lighting series are made of driftwood, a wall mounted LEDs lighting as home decor.
Finished with Rubio Monocoat, a free of VOCs and non-toxic finishing products.
A green home decor for your LEEDs standard home. All Treecycled products both furniture and home decor products are eco-friendly to the earth.

Another unique pieces of furniture we created, tin inlay top table. We 'draw' a group of deers in the forest with tin inlay.

Planks and Floorings in Strippen Teak and Rosewood

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See what we do with furniture production-shortcuts, these planks and floorings are has very nice shape! Any idea what you can create with it?

Handmade Globe in Teak Root Wood

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This handmade globe is making from old teak root, the 'map' is tin inlay. Limited quantity is available for this item, do you want one?

Belly Series: Room Divider

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This is our belly series in room divider, has 2 function, racks and room divider, mainly in laminated teak wood available in any finishing color.

Round dining table in rosewood

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A nice round dining table in rosewood, available leg in stainless steel both gloss and matte finish.
Custom size also available.

Dining table in Reclaimed Old Teak Wood

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Another second-chance live for reclaimed wood from barn, house and railways. A nice dining table in 'raw surface with sandblasted' make this table had much more antique-look.

TV buffet in wave strippenteak

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We called and patented our laminated board "strippenteak" especially this "wave strippenteak" series. Available in buffets, coffee tables and room dividers. What do you think?

Tooth stool made of single-piece of old teak wood

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This is most popular item so far! more than 2000 pieces being ordered till this month and customer still hungry for more!

Another limited edition item

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Another home decor in limited quantity we had, an old teak wood basket mix with tin casting.

Coffee table that split for drawer

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Made of laminated teak wood, the drawer is in the middle of table and you must split to open it, nice idea, don't you think?

Belly wall cube, wall mounted racks

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This wall mounted rack best for books & cds. 12 sections available in laminated teak wood. This laminated wood made of recycle furniture production-shortcuts. And every 1 meter cubic waste wood we processed, we saved two trees being cut.