Group of Natural Shape Stool Series

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We got many natural shape stools for you to choose, above made of tamarind and coconut tree. Available in any sizes, shapes and colors. Which one is yours?

Two-Way Drawers of Chest in Rotten Teak Wood

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Another expose series, chest of two-way drawers manufactured in rotten/eroded teak wood. Filled the eroded holes with LED and optic fiber lights. Smooth surface mixed with resin.

Another New Collection, Broken Glass Series

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This buffet comes with 6 drawers and 2 doors. Manufactured in strippen teak/laminated teak wood, a-white-and-black varnished color and the sections has LED light as well.

Another Manis Collection, Cupboard

Posted by My Blog Company | 1:50 AM

A fresh design furniture manufactured in mindi wood.

New Flexo Series, Wall Cabinet with Extended Table

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Another new item in flexo series, wall cabinet with extended table. Best for wine or champagne storage.

This tall cabinet crafted from rotten teak wood. It has LED light on it as well. We always turning waste into beautiful stuffs, we expert to make it you know... ;-)

This complete Expose series launched on last IFFS 2009, they are available in tall cabinet like shown, small cabinet and dining table as posted earlier in this blog.

New Flexo Series, Entertainment Cabinet

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This is new flexo series in entertainment cabinet with sliding doors and stainless steel handle.
A new item just launched on last IFFS 2009. Manufactured in laminated waste teak wood.

Minor Change on Existing Flexo Wing Table

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Now this flexo table has 2 stainless steel handles to open on both sides. Crafted in laminated teak wood with iron frames as legs.

Another New Flexo Series, Round Stool

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Similar item as posted earlier only in round shape. Got another new flexo series and will posted soon.

New Flexo Series, A Square Stool

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This is totally new design in our flexo series. The cushion pad is has flexibility even in small wooden pieces as shown. Crafted and manufactured from industrial waste of teak wood.

We Turning Waste Into This Beautiful Round Table

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See this beautiful round table, it has LED light and made of rotten and waste teak wood.
It's totally green furniture with non-toxic finish. Its featured on too as informed on earlier post.

Treecycled Furniture Featured at

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A design blogzine, featured Treecycled Furniture during our last show on IFFS 2009.

Here is the link for details.

We thank you to DesignBoom and other medias which interested in our green design furniture line.

Mystery LED Lamp in Reclaimed Teak Wood

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We called this LED lamp is "Mystery" as when the light is turn on, it seem there's a cave inside it. Crafted from old housewares in teak wood, it used to be a pod for water. The eroded holes are natural made then we cover it with clear resin and tin inlay on hole's side. An exceptional piece of lamp indeed!

Large Wooden Fruit Plate with Tin Inlay of Grass Motive

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This is a large version of existing wooden fruit plate. Length over 1 meter crafted in meh wood.
Best accessories for your dining table or just as home decor.

Reclaimed Teak Coffee Table with LED Lights

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Here is the last most favorite item during our show in Singapore.
A reclaimed teak massive and heavy weight coffee table. The reclaimed teak wood gathered from deconstruction of old buildings, houses and railways.

To make smooth surface and protect its natural shape of the woods, a clear resin covered to each heavy planks. Plus inside the wood we putted LED lights and it has recharging battery on it, awesome right?

The best news are, these 3 hottest items including Stardust Multimedia Table and Treasure Island Coffee Table would be showing on upcoming Maison & Objet show next September in Paris - France.

So, any European customers should be ready to see these 'wow' items soon.

Most Attracting Multi Media Table During Last IFFS 2009

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As posted earlier, this is most attracting dining/office table during last IFFS 2009.
A stardust table multimedia series with 4 of 7" LCD screens, speakers and DVD/MP3 player included. With length over 3 meters, this massive table would be gather 12 peoples in the same time. Best for dining or office table.

Manufactured in laminated teak wood and reclaimed teak wood.
So what do you think about this incredible table anyway?

One of Hottest Item During Last IFFS 2009

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This table draw many attention to all visitors during last IFFS 2009, we sell this table to the highest bidder and still going on till today.

Last bid was Euro 1700! Anybody want to get this coffee table should be bid higher than the last one. We called this coffee table in massive Meh wood, "Treasure Island" and what make this thing incredible is, hancrafted in single solid wood piece!

Has LED light on it, tin inlay on the wood texture best for pools, living room and this is piece of art! with 272cm length, 108 width and 38 height.

Hurry...while still available, we are still looking for the highest bidder for it!!!

Another 2 hottest items would be posted soon, so don't miss it!

Tribal Tattoo Inlay on Old Teak Wooden Wine Cooler

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Another new development on reclaimed teak wood. We created a wine cooler and to make it eye catching, tin inlay with tribal tattoo added. All thing doing handmade and eroded by nature. Finished with non-toxic and non-VOCs oil based finish, Rubio Monocoat. An exclusive item not available in mass products.

Teak Root Ball Round Stool with LED Light

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This is a single piece of teak root stool and filled with clear resin and put the LED light inside the eroded holes. Very beautiful piece of furniture indeed! One of favorite item on last IFFS show.

Custom Pieces Would Be Showing on High Point Market

Posted by My Blog Company | 9:21 PM

This console table would be showing on upcoming High Point Market shows designed and brought to you by Clayton Oxford Designs. The top table is natural shapes of Meh wood, the legs is sandblasted aluminum, and leg base is reclaimed coffee wood. Other items would be showing are: Flexo Chair, Tof Chair Rosewood, Tempeh Round Dining Table, and Teak Root Ball.

See it 'alive' on Clayton Oxford Designs Showroom at Showplace Building Space #3312 during High Point Market Show from April 25th - 30th, 2009. See you there soon....

Our US agent, Clayton Oxford Designs would be showing Treecycled Furniture collections during High Point Market Shows from April 25th - 30th, 2009.

They will be located at Showplace Building Space #3312.
Treecycled Furniture is proud to debut its collection in the US Market along with the custom designs exclusively by Clayton Oxford Designs.

We welcome all customers, designers, retailers as well as importers to visit Clayton Oxford Designs Showroom at Showplace Building space number #3312 to learn more about our customized design capabilities of eco-friendly designs and during the market, we will be offering special pricing and discounts as a US showcase introduction.

We do thank yous to all visitors, medias, buyers and customers during our shows on IFFS 2009.
We already collected all orders from existing and new customers during the shows and almost Euro 200K!

We quite surprise with the result as we all knew that the world's business is free falling in all aspects. At the shows, we launched 5 new collections, even we didn't get any award this year but we bring a lots orders when come back home.

Creativity has no boundaries and one of powerful weapon to survive in this struggle time.
Are you ready to change now? Be ready right now!!!

Beautiful Eroded Teak Wood Cabinet With LEDs

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This beautiful small cabinet is handmade and created from eroded old teak wood. To make it smooth surfaces, we should mixed with clear resin and as there are many small holes on it, we put LEDs light. Click the picture for closer view! This item use similar material with the dining table already posted earlier.

Reclaimed Solid Teak Round Stool with LEDs

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See this beautiful pieces of reclaimed solid teak round stool. We filled the eroded holes with clear resin and inside it we putted it LEDs lighting. Cool! See it alive on IFFS 2009.

Modern and Contemporary Coffee Table With LEDs Lighting

Posted by My Blog Company | 11:28 PM

This is another original design idea by our CEO and Designer, Mr. Egbert Pos.

He called this piece "Strippen-Tease" Series. Created in stippenteak/laminated teak wood for top table and base, aluminum glos frame as legs and matching with sandblasted clear acrylic to give more exposure and effect on LEDs lighting, is it beautiful piece in living room, right?

See the rest "Strippen-Tease" collection on upcoming IFFS 2009 held this March 9th - 12th.

Newest TOF Chair Now With Aluminum Tubes Slat

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Our newest development in TOF chair series now with aluminum tubes slat. Solid teak wooden frame in Rubio Monocoat Chocolate Oil finish.

This TOF chair matching with our Oh Deer Dining Table.
See them matching each other in our booth Indonesia Pavilion Hall 4C-61 on IFFS 2009.

Beautiful Eroded Wood Dining Table

Posted by My Blog Company | 1:20 AM

We are totally use earth-friendly wooden material and turning them into beautiful pieces and as the example is above dining table. Come and see closer on the top table. This is eroded or rotten teak wood and to make it smooth surface, we should mixed with clear resin to its beauty.

Legs frame in RVS, a kind of of aluminum material for long lasting and endurance life of the furniture.

Will be displaying this item on IFFS as well so we suggest you to come, visit and stop by our booth there on Indonesia Pavilion Hall 4C-61.

Driftwood Coffee Table with LEDs Lighting

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A new shape of driftwood coffee table with LED lighting surround it. The top table is single piece of natural shape wood. This item would be showing on IFFS 2009, see them 'alive' on our stand there soon...