Smaller Treasure Island Coffee Table With Driftwood Legs

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Finally we got smaller size for Treasure Island table series, usually available length from 3 - 4,5 meter, now we have smaller coffee table in diameter 180 cm as shown above. New legs in driftwood, still has LED lights with turn on/off button on it. Naturally shape coffee table in LED furniture style, beauty in imperfection. What do you think?

Natural Shape Tree Lamp in Reclaimed Wood

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This beautiful tree lamp which designed by Roy Perdana is another amazing lighting he's done.
Crafted in reclaimed coffee wood, all LED lighting at the end of tree's branches are in christal shape. And it has small spot fiber optic light in tree stand as well. This lamp exclusively designed by Roy for Treecycled Furniture. So what do you think about it?

Treecycled Reading Lamp By Roy Perdana

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This new reading lamp designed by Roy Perdana, a young Indonesian designer who live in England. Crafted from laminated teak wood and erosion wood in the middle of the stand.
A unique and one-of-kind reading lamp for you.

Powered by LED light, an energy-save light which comply with our green product manner.
This green and eco-friendly lamp for better environment and future are ready for order.
Do you want to be our first customer?

Rubio Monocoat Oil Join Trade Expo Indonesia 2009

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PT. Rubio Monocoat Indonesia will be joining the exhibition at international events called Trade Expo Indonesia held in JI Expo Kemayoran Jakarta. The booth located in Asmindo Pavilion Hall F2-86 and the exhibition itself starts on October 28th - November 1st, 2009.

If you want to know more about environments-friendly wood finishing products from Rubio Monocoat, we suggest you stop by our booth there.

We will be showing how to apply this oil on wood products and you can also get a discount between 5% - 10% for purchases with a certain amount.

In addition, some collections from Treecycled Furniture will showcase at this event as well. We wait for your presence there! See you soon....!

Ads: Cheapest Unlimited Web Hosting From FatCow

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Are you looking for cheapest unlimited web hosting and free domain name from reputable overseas company especially from the US? why must be overseas? if your business’s target market is for export, you must consider this matter seriously, besides closer contiguity with your prospect, we all knew that internet is still and US-centric.

Why the offer from FatCow is best and cheapest? Read the fact here and compare offer of unlimited web hosting from FatCow, GoDaddy and NetworkSolutions.
FatCow just cost you at US$66 a year (including discount 25% + unlimited web hosting + free domain name), GoDaddy US$ 170.88 a year (unlimited web hosting only), NetworkSolutions US$ 326.16 a year (unlimited web hosting only and the most expensive!)

Even FatCow has better awareness as all their servers powered by wind energy, its time to go green though!

So what are you waiting for? this offer wouldn’t be last forever and available for limited time only. Act now while stock last by clicking here!

MoonLight, Newest Development of Wall Sconce

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This is newest development for moonlight series, a LED and fiber optic light which is accompany Expose Bedroom Furniture, a sustainable green bedroom furniture series.
Crafted from recycled teak wood, rough finish for rustic looks.

Available in any color by Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish and coming in dimension of 50 cm. A wall sconce for your eco-conscious life style.

Turn on/off as you like, the LEDs and fiber optic lights would be last up to more than 5000 hours and consume less power to turn it on.

Stardust Table Series: Lite Edition

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Well if you can not afford Stardust Multimedia Table because very expensive, then you may consider this lite edition. Not only Facebook which have Lite, Treecycled Furniture offer this stardust table series for you.

Less expensive for sure, without all that multimedia gadgets. But typical of stardust series still there, LEDs light in the middle of top table which molding together of erosion wood and clear epoxy. Then joint side by side with laminated teak planks and all together to be one solid green top table. The frame is from RVS/Aluminum material which is light-weight and durable.

Since the last 2 days published on luxury blog BornRich, this multimedia table got a lot of attentions and repetition publications from another luxury and gadget weblogs worldwide. Such as EliteChoice, Glam, Gizmodo, including The Wall Street Journal, and many others to mention.

Pros and cons happened, but since the 1st launched in Singapore Fair (IFFS) on March 2009, the publication not only stopping there, but there's additional 2 luxury magazines from New York - USA called "Affluent Page Luxury Index" and "World Gold Magazine" from Hanoi - Vietnam, would like to featured this stardust multimedia table on their upcoming issue as well.

This table completed our luxury table collection like Treasure Island and Light Beam series.

There's no best words to say, beside we do truly really thank you for all these publications to all that medias both online and offline. Cheers and good luck!!!

Agus Prayitno, M.N.
Brand & International Marketing Manager
Treecycled Furniture
PT. Epos Modern Indonesia

Customized Wooden Cube Room Divider

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Many customers confused about this room divider as we did not sell it as a set but per square cube including RVS connector.

So you can arrange your own style, no need to buy all cubes just pick how many pieces that you need (of course, at least 2 pieces)

These square cubes we called "Connect Cube Room Divider" crafted in laminated teak wood and available in any color as you desire.

Give you modern and contemporary atmosphere to any room in your lovely home.

The right item pictures finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil Pure for natural looks and it's 'green' as well, since this oil finish is free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) material and non-toxic.

It's time to choose your customized room divider now!

Stardust Multimedia Table With 2 LCD Touchscreens

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This is a high end multimedia table you can afford. A computer and entertainment device all together in one green design table crafted in laminated teak and erosion wood, provided with two 15" touchscreen LCD monitor from BenQ, Accoustics amplifier, Fostex speakers and RGB LEDs in the middle of top and legs table which can turning into any color remotely and you can expect the table to be full illuminated.

The erosion wood on the middle of table and legs are molding it with clear epoxy, for cool LED light effect and this table coming in 240X100X78cm size and knock down, finished with Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish, a non-toxic and free of VOC. And oil color for this table is 'cotton white'.

This multimedia tables can be used both at work and home, and you would never feel you are lacking in something when you have a product like this with you.
A stunning table you may ever imagine!

Got a lot of attentions when first launched held in last Singapore Fair (IFFS) March 2009 and this is the newest development one, the old version can be found here.