New Stool Collection

Posted by The Illuminator Furnitures | 8:32 PM

After a few months we focused in making nuances of lighting products. so this time we are showcasing a new product called stool.

There are several kinds of combinations that we tapilkan stool among other
1. Different combinations of different colors
2. a unique combination of legs and is different
3. top of the stool was a combination that is different

"Crystal" Eroded wood Tin

Posted by The Illuminator Furnitures | 11:36 PM

"Crystal" Eroded wood Tin

Led furniture light and lighting

Old wood and stone color combination as well as processing wood into stone. addition of crystal chandeliers make this stuff very interesting. Once the product is suitable for a display in the house

This product is well suited in place a system of lighting in the room are nice and dimly lit.

Led Furniture Spot Stool RGB

Posted by The Illuminator Furnitures | 10:48 PM

Led Furniture Spot Stool RGB

Led furniture hight light

One more collection of unique and modern LED. Made from a large pipe with a combination lamps with uneven arrangement adds another beautiful than others.

This is a place to sit with a different view. so do not be afraid to make him a seat.

Led Furniture "Ledvertisment" Coffee table MDF 80x80x45cm

Posted by The Illuminator Furnitures | 8:20 PM

 led furniture light
Ledvertisment is a table lamp combined with less simple but modern impressed. there are several elements that make this table a special
1. Shape and size are very suitable and not too large
2. The elegant and modern design
3. Beautiful color combinations and perfect in the eyes
4. Placement of light amid the table and the addition of a very beautiful effect
5. RGB color is changed instead of every time

Led Funiture Happy Coffee Table Light

Posted by The Illuminator Furnitures | 7:55 PM

Now we can see the incredible work of art and the other from the other. Products named Happy. whether it be a table or chair.

in this product 's main ingredient is recycled were really was not in use. later in the production back into products of high quality.

with a combination of light then this product seems a luxury but of materials - materials that simple please take a look.... Led Furniture Light Hightlight

Led Furniture Light Hightlight