Flexo Room Divider Mixed with LEDs Lighting

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Manufactured in strippenteak, now this flexo room divider mixed with LEDs on the holes as seen on pictures. Just plug-and-play then the light will turn it on. See all our collections on upcoming IFFS 2009. Are you coming there?

Twig Cocktail Table with LED Lighting

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Same a previous item posted, this is another new touch of twig cocktail table now come up with LED lighting. Which one is your favorite? Mug or Twig Table? We bring this item for upcoming shows in Singapore as well.

Mug Coffee Table with LEDs Lighting

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A new development on this coffee table is now come up with LEDs lighting. Handmade in driftwood branches. Finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil, a non-toxic finishes color.
Will be showing to public on upcoming shows IFFS 2009.

Finally job done, we already settep-up our stuffs and stand for upcoming IFFS 2009.
As shown above this is our stand looks like would be on site. For larger view, please click the picture. There's 1 or 2 items didn't displayed yet as surprising stuffs during the shows.
If you want see them more closer, we invite you to visit our booth in Indonesia Pavilion Hall 4C-61, so have you booked your flight already?

We are going to attract all visitors and buyers on our both as we carry totally new fresh design collections on upcoming IFFS 2009! There's some new items we 'hide' for you as surprising pieces during the shows.

From new driftwood furniture and furnishing series to contemporary modern furniture collections are going to exhibit and show on our stand from March 9th - 12th 2009.

Find us in Indonesia Pavilion Hall 4C Booth 61 from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. Singapore time and meet Treecycled Furniture's crew, e.g. : our designer and CEO Mr. Egbert Pos, International Marketing Manager Mr. Agus Prayitno, Order Processing & Export Import Manager Mr. Hardy Shu, IT Manager Mr. Mull Y. and rest of our dream team would be assist you with your inquieries and questions you may have on stand.

So, what are you waiting for? book your flight now and see us in Singapore!

These are another newest items would be showing on upcoming furniture shows IFFS Singapore 2009. Most of new collection mix and match with LEDs lighting as a part of artistic touch.
So we suggest you to see them 'in real world' on March 9th - 12th, 2009. See you there.... :-)

First View, Teak Root Coffee Table with LED Lights

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Another newest collection item, teak root coffee table now come up with LED lights.
This item also would be displaying on next upcoming shows in Singapore.
So all interested buyers are welcome! See you there soon on March 9th-12th, 2009!

These are a totally fresh newest design furniture we are going to show for upcoming International Furniture Fair Singapore 2009 held on March 9th - 12th.

So if you are interested and would like to see them 'alive', we invite you to join and visit our booth at Indonesia Pavilion Hall 4C-61.

These modern designs furniture manufactured in mindi and strippenteak wood material.
The drawers using push-and-go lock system and soft-closing system for doors. Some drawers base are in broken-glass. Finished in black & white high gloss color.

This is the first view for the collections before showing on IFFS 2009.
Are you coming there?

Now our driftwood sculptures series with tin inlay come up with new finishing color, gold and silver as shown above. This is the first view available online before we carry and display on upcoming furniture shows in Singapore.

Available in any natural shapes and height sizes start from 30 cm to 120 cm.

So do you want to be the first buyer for this collection?
Please contact us ASAP for details price and delivery time.

Black and White Small Wooden Stool Series

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These black and white stool series manufactured in tropical mango wood, in high gloss finished color. Sushi and Little Round 3 Legs Stool is available to order start from US$ 19 - US$ 22 each FOB Indonesia. Small order quantity less then container load is acceptable. So, if you are interested, what are you waiting for?

Entertainment Console Table in Strippenteak Wood

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Entertainment console table in strippenteak frame and strippenteak surf planks for drawers and doors. White color inside the drawers with push-and-go lock system and split for centered drawer. Modern-looks console table in recycled wood material.

Elegant Waste Bin in Laminated Teak Wood

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Waste never been taking care as a king with this bin. Manufactured in laminated teak wood source it from furniture production-shortcuts.

Driftwood Wall Hanger

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Natural shape driftwood wall hanger, available in any length size and finishing color.

First View, Flexo Chair Now in Two Options Shapes

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Flexo side chair in laminated teak wood now available in two shapes for option you can choose. See the minor change on left to right model. Which one do you prefer? Finished in Pure Oil by Rubio Monocoat.

Spotlight Stand on Rottenwood

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A spot lights stand on rotten wood and surrounded with fiber-optic lighting on it.

Teak Rosewood Lazy Suzan for Your Dining Table

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A mixed teak and rose waste-wood to be beautiful lazy suzan in your dining table.

Contemporary beach chair design in teak wood and sandblasted aluminum fixed frame.
We called this "Wave Beach Chair" a perfect shape chair for laying-down your body and mind while sun-bathing on beautiful beach. Which one do you like it?

Do you want it for your next summer season sale? Please call us for pricing and shipping time.

As we told you yesterday by Twitter, now the pictures of 60 pieces only of Sushi stool series with zodiac signs tin inlay ready for first view.

We will be showing some items on next IFFS 2009 in Singapore held on March 9 - 12th 2009. Our stand would be in Indonesia Pavilion Hall 4C Booth 61.

If you are interested in this limited edition stool, please contact us ASAP.
Or call Agus at +62-291-596453, 596454 email: eposjepara(at)yahoo.com YM id: eposjepara Skype id: eposjepara

Shop Racks with LED

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Simple question with this rack cabinet, what do you think?

Another Driftwood Sculpture

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Driftwood sculptures mixed with tin inlay, available in height size start from 30 cm - 120 cm. Stand on chromed iron. Main material is driftwood teak.

New Development Plank and Surface Shape

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A new variety of surface shapes on our laminated wood planks, if you visit our blog regularly you will find other planks posted here.

Wall Mounted Driftwood Lamp

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Another shape of driftwood lamp mounted on the wall. LEDs light covered with clear resin.

Another Room Divider in Lingua Wood

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This rolling room divider made of tropical wood plant and grow in Celebes island - Indonesia called Lingua. Available in any length size as customer requested.

Flexo Arm Chair in Recycle Laminated Teak Wood

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Flexo chair best for office and dining room. Available in side and arm chair. Modern looks chair made of recycle laminated teak wood also in black and white rosewood.

Our TOF Chair Series in Teak Wood

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This TOF chair available in laminated teak also black & white rosewood. Best in unfinished or with pure oil finished by Rubio Monocoat.

Coat Hangers in Reclaimed Coffee Wood

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Old coffee wood made as coat hangers stand on iron plate, a second-chance live for this kind of trees. Usually would be a fire wood for villagers. Available in any height size of natural shapes. Do you like it?

Our Best Selling Wooden Teak Stool So Far!

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Above are two best selling stools in our collections. Sushi stool & Tooth stool. All made in old teak wood. Especially Tooth stool made in single-piece of old teak wood or in other word you can say teak root stool. Which one is your perfect stool? As posted earlier, Tooth stool came up already with exclusive tin inlay of 12 zodiac signs and produced 12 pieces only! and next is Sushi stool with same tin inlay and we produced 60 pieces only! This is limited edition and if you won't to miss one, order now!

Natural Shape Wooden Table and Stool

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These are a set of natural wooden shape of table and stool. We called it "Mushroom Series" each item is unique to each other. And the best part is, this is old teak root wood. For larger view, please click the picture.

Driftwood Square Mirror

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Square mirror in driftwood, you can found similar mirror in round shape by clicking here.
For larger view, please click the picture.

Flexo Room Divider, Bend Wherever You Want!

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A new development on laminated wood made of waste wood of furniture productions-shortcuts. A flexo series, a room divider which you can bend wherever you want without break-it-out. Available in any size, shape and finishing color by Rubio Monocoat.

Another Goat Leather Triangle Stool

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This is another series of our goat leather stool, triangle with 3 legs. Which one of our stool are you most desire?

Another Natural Shapes of Driftwood Lamps

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Another uniquely natural shapes driftwood lamps. The LEDs lights would be last up to 10,000 hours.