Expose LED Bed, A Bed That Will Light Up Your Night

Posted by My Blog Company | 8:16 PM

Now this Expose LED bedroom furniture coming with complete series, bedside and wall lamp (1 Bed+2 Bedsides+2 Wall lights) A sustainable green bedroom furniture, handcrafted in rotten teak planks and mixed with white LED light, a blue effect caused by the clear epoxy material.

Please click the picture to reveal its beauty
and let's light up your night! Just plug and turn it on/off as you like, the LED would be last for such a long time.
What do you think? do you like it?

A new lighting series on driftwood shown as above. Now, the lighting shape looks like sausages and available in any height from 100 cm up to 250 cm. Best lamp for your room, hotel lobby and garden. A energy-save lamp with LED. What do you think?

What are you gonna do when you found rotten wood surrounding you? for sure you would be burn it or just throw away as a garbage, right?!
But we turning them into beautiful pieces and make them to be such a treasure as shown above.

A coffee table with wheels which you can move easily anywhere you like in your room, this table is newest item under one of Treecycled Furniture series called 'Expose' and as always, we mix and match with resin, LED lights and all things finished with non-toxic finish Rubio Monocoat oil.
Waste? NO!!!

Perfect match table for your garden and yard, a natural shape teak wood coffee table with LED light will light up your garden at night. Has recharging battery inside it, so no need to worry with electricity short-cut when its raining or winter coming as you can turn on and off the table.
Unique and excellent, isn't it?