Just to remind you that High Point Market still left 1 day to visit, are you already visited and seen Treecycled Furniture stuffs on Clayton Oxford Designs Showroom during the market?
They are located at Showplace Building space #3312. A discounted price offered during the market for Treecycled Furniture line, ask Mr. Clayton Oxford for details!

Again, we are making cheap and affordable stool in mango wood and as usual in real goat leather as cushion. See how beautiful this pieces are! Available in any existing stool such as sushi and crab chair. What do you think?

Newest Treasure Island Coffee Table In The Making

Posted by My Blog Company | 9:15 PM

Hello anyone...! we get back with unusual pictures of newest treasure island coffee table.
So far we already made 2 pieces of Treasure Island Coffee Table and there's another new one still in the making, see above pictures for details. It would be takes a month to make them finish and FYI, these items are rare and sold to the highest bidder only. If you would like to know how much the minimum bid is, please contact us to: eposjepara(at)yahoo.com

Legs Stool in Black and White Finish

Posted by My Blog Company | 6:03 PM

High gloss finish of legs stool in mango wood. Another stool series we produce. Do you like it?

New Treasure Island Coffee Table

Posted by My Blog Company | 12:52 AM

We got newest treasure island coffee table with smaller sizes as shown above. Still with LED light and the top table made of solid natural shape Meh wood. Another masterpiece of art we made!

New Complete Collection Strippen-Tease Series

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A complete new series, Strippen-Tease, manufactured in strippenteak wood and as usual all items has LEDs light. Best for entertainment furniture with LCD TV screen.
High gloss finish for the doors its give you modern looks.

All new collections already launched on last IFFS 2009 and ready to order now.
So which is your most favorite collection?