Wall Light For Expose Bedroom Furniture Series

Posted by My Blog Company | 3:29 AM

And this is a wall light called 'Moon Light' crafted in natural shaped teak wood planks for Expose Bedroom Furniture Series a round light look-like a moon with LED and Fiber-Optic light give you another atmosphere to your bedroom at night.
With rough shape for natural look. What do you think about it?

Expose Bedside In Rotten Teak With LED Light

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This is a deep closer view of expose bedside in Expose Bedroom Furniture Series. Crafted from rotten teak wood planks, naturally wood cavities filled with LED light and glued with clear epoxy for 'cool' light effect and finished with non-toxic oil finish 'Rubio Monocoat' make this series completely green furniture collection. Any comment?

Take another deep breath as this is wow furniture we just made as well.
A large driftwood dining table with 4 meters length, 120 cm width and 78 cm height.

As always LED light is the main part to make it much more beautiful with cool effect of clear epoxy and inside it are chop pieces of erosion wood to give another beautiful effect on this massive dining table.

This large dining table is knock-down so no need to worry about packing and take much container space when shipped.

Let us know what you think about this beautiful pieces of green design furniture collection.

Rotten Wood Massive Buffet With RGB Light

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Well... another wow furniture just created! It's large buffet almost 4 meters length and crafted in rotten teak planks.
We recycled these throw-away wood into planks and make them as frame of this buffet.
See the buffet's doors and drawers closer, it has light and these are RGB light which every second turning into red, green and blue color automatically.
Is it very interesting, isn't it?

These are newest shape and model of our driftwood lighting collection. LED is the main part to these lamps with cool effect of clear epoxy. Booth suit in any room. A driftwood has modern look with it. What do you think?