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"Spring" Chair at the start of the main PVC pipe material but try there see. where the pipes?

As a result, the pipe is not visible at all. It's a very spectacular design originated from something that is unlikely to be possible. just look at one of these designs.

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Led Furniture Ice Stool Sea Erosi

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Ice Stool Sea Erosi  is rectangular, made of wooden boards with resin then the contents content that is in the form according to the shape of the box.

with the addition of lights in it so as to produce the product is an antique and unique.

Led Funiture Plexiblock Full Resin With Light

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This is not usual and this Plexiblock our new products. This product is made from resin all with sprinkles ornament in it and also visible in Add with transparent bright lights so it looks like a living aquarium.

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Led Funiture Box Light RGB

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Box light RGB is a multi-use product, because it can be made as the display and can also as a seat or table , its same with products that relate to the products it also comes with the lights on it.

It would be great if the combines with other products such as table lamp or any other accessories that will add to the attractiveness of this product.

Soon have this product right now. for other products can be viewed here

Led Furniture Galaxy Lamp RGB

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Led Furniture Galaxy Lamp RGB from the idea of the use of recycled materials. the basic ingredients of this product is an easy on pipes can pralon and easy to make a range of products.

This product is perfect for living room and bedroom as it has a unique antique impression and so this product has more value for someone who loved the arts. because of this product in Add lights could be changed to replace the very clear impression of elegant looks.

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