One of Hottest Item During Last IFFS 2009

Posted by My Blog Company | 1:14 AM

This table draw many attention to all visitors during last IFFS 2009, we sell this table to the highest bidder and still going on till today.

Last bid was Euro 1700! Anybody want to get this coffee table should be bid higher than the last one. We called this coffee table in massive Meh wood, "Treasure Island" and what make this thing incredible is, hancrafted in single solid wood piece!

Has LED light on it, tin inlay on the wood texture best for pools, living room and this is piece of art! with 272cm length, 108 width and 38 height.

Hurry...while still available, we are still looking for the highest bidder for it!!!

Another 2 hottest items would be posted soon, so don't miss it!